Embrace Your Inner 007 | A Thrill Seeker’s Guide To Las Vegas

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

A real-life Disney Land for adults, Las Vegas is truly a spectacle that you have to experience to believe. Notorious as a desert oasis where anything goes, it is true that your imagination is the only limiter. Millions of visitors flock every year to try their luck against the house in one of a myriad of casinos, enjoy the jaw-dropping shows, eat at the numerous restaurants, and take advantage of surprisingly affordable accommodations. Recently, Vegas has also been the destination of choice for many thrill seekers looking to escape their 9 to 5 back home and live life on the edge, even if just for a few days. Luckily, in this land of very few rules the options for those looking to spike their testosterone levels are numerous!

How does living out the day-to-day of a secret agent like James Bond sound? If this sounds like something you could get behind, then check then these only in Vegas opportunities will certainly scratch the itch!

Warning: If you pack all of these activities into a weekend there is a chance a secret government spy agency will recruit you before you have the opportunity to leave!

Bungee Jump

Most people will start their weekend with a strong cup of coffee, but you are not most people! What better way to wake up and get the blood flowing than a bungee jump to kick things off? The most ballsy and hair raising opportunity we found for taking the leap comes from the Strat Hotel, where for only $129 you can jump off the top. During this 800+ foot freefall you will reach speeds of over 40 mph, plummeting to the earth with the Vegas strip in the background.

Drive REALLY Fast

One thing that sets 007 apart from the rest of us is the seemingly endless selection of exotic cars he has access to break the speed limits in. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, the likelihood of owning a several hundred thousand dollar car is pretty low. Luckily in Vegas that doesn’t matter, and there are plenty of opportunities to drive insanely fast and expensive cars for a small fraction of the cost. Our pick for the best experience and fastest cars is with Speed Vegas. Take supercars like the Lamborghini Huracan for fast laps around a real race track for as cheap as $69 and pay homage to your inner need for speed.

Shoot Machine Guns

What would a 007 experience be without a couple of high powered rifles? Perhaps the most unique to Vegas experience you could choose to feel like a secret government spy is take advantage of the virtually non-existent gun laws. At shooting ranges within minutes of the strip, such as Battlefield Vegas, you have the opportunity to shoot fully automatic rifles, blast off sniper rounds, and even hold down the trigger of a minigun that fires 4,000 rounds a minute! The best part? They will pick you up and drop you off right at the door to your hotel in a real military humvee. Talk about badass!

There you have it! The ultimate itinerary for escaping the drag of your typical nine to five and stepping into the shoes of your favorite secret agent. Just don’t blame us when you never want to leave!

Written by Samuel Hill