The Podcast Revolution | How Podcasts Can Change Your Life

Podcasts are revolutionizing the world as we know it. I realize that may seem a little dramatic and overstated, but I believe it to be true. The fact that anyone can broadcast information, free of charge, and in the long-form has created a breakthrough in how information is shared. If you’ve paid attention to our pop culture, you have likely already realized this, as podcasts have erupted in recent years as one of the fastest-growing mediums we share information. A glance through the searchable libraries of any podcast player (there are many), and you will find more information than you could realistically listen to on any topic you can think of.

One of the most significant benefits of listening to podcasts over more traditional media types is that you don’t need to focus your conscious attention on reading or to watch anything in particular to enjoy them. The fact that you can listen, sometimes for hours at a time, without having to change the channel or give up your focus from elsewhere.

Here are the biggest podcast hacks I have found that has changed the game as far as how I can entertain myself better than ever and learn new information more efficiently than ever before!

Beat Boredom During My Commute

Driving can be draining because it requires that you focus your attention on the road. This makes it pretty tough to do much of anything else, until now. By listening to podcasts while I am driving, I can entertain myself without having to take my eyes off of the car in front of me. My trips to and from work go faster than ever, as podcasts engage my brain and pass the time so much more effectively than music ever did.

The Best Way To Cook And Clean

Podcasts have revolutionized the way that I look at common house chores. Traditionally I was never fond of things like cooking dinner or doing the dishes because they took away from the time that would otherwise be used to unwind and relax after a long day. I may not be able to kick my feet up and watch tv while I have food on the stove or soapy hands doing the dishes, but I can use my ears to have a good laugh listening to my favorite comedy show.

Work Outs Fly By

Getting out the door for a run or hitting the gym are sometimes hard to find the motivation for. The beat of even my favorite music can become predictable, and so using it as a distraction to keep me from focusing on the burning feeling in my legs only works for so long. Podcasts have changed this, though, as I can engage with the ideas I hear on a much deeper level than the lyrics to a song can provide fuel for.

Rest Comes Quickly

Falling asleep has been a pretty tall order for me in the past. My brain likes to race at night instead of slow down, which leads me to toss and turn while I should be getting quality sleep. Luckily, some podcasts engage me enough to listen, but quickly have me fast asleep. Podcasts that discuss things like history can fascinate me for just long enough to keep my mind off of the day’s stresses and lull me to sleep.

As you can see, podcasts can serve you at times other forms of media may not be suitable or even possible. The fact that anyone can create and upload a podcast has created a library of content that genuinely fits every occasion. From navigating traffic to falling asleep, the opportunity to enhance your life is only a click away. The only question now is, what will you listen to first?

Written by Samuel Hill