Why a Medical Billing and Coding Degree Might Be For You

Are you interested in a career that is always in demand and offers great pay? Medical billing and coding may be the career you are looking for. This unique job gives you the opportunity to work in healthcare without having to deal with the high stress associated with healthcare careers. Some positions even operate remotely.

Many medical billing and coding training programs offer certificates in a relatively short amount of time, some even lasting only 6 months. Whether you choose to find a local class to attend in person or an online degree program in very little time you could have the training you need to earn a good salary in a sought-after career.

The Job of a Medical Billing and Coding Worker

The healthcare industry is a field that is always in need of skilled candidates and medical billing and coding professionals are included in that demand. Essentially medical billers and coders help facilitate the billing process for healthcare services. They translate medical services into specific codes that must be used to receive payment from insurance companies. In this position you should be reasonably comfortable with light medical terminology. You will need to be able to read patient records in order to select the correct codes needed to submit the claim for payment to the insurance company.If a claim is rejected, you might be called upon to correct any errors and resubmit the claim to the insurer. Medical billers and coders are important for keeping track of payments from not only health insurance companies but patients, following up with both to make sure all payments are collected.

Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Medical Biller and Coder

With changes in recent healthcare laws as well as a growing elderly population the outlook for a career in medical billing and coding is strong. The industry itself is estimated to expand by 13 percent by the year 2026, which means there are plenty of job opportunities out there. You only need the right training to take advantage of these hiring opportunities.

Medical billing and coding allows a great deal of flexibility in your work environment. While many work in hospitals, medical clinics and doctors offices, there are a great deal of professionals that telecommute, working remotely from home.

The entry-level pay of a medical biller and coder averages out at about 40,000 according to salary.com with much room for increased pay. In some areas medical billers can make over $50,000 per year depending on their experience level. The best part is you can feel great about working in a rewarding career that is essential for keeping the healthcare industry running smoothly.

Get Your Medical Billing and Coding Degree Online

These days you need not step foot onto a campus to get the training you need to for a higher paying job. There are numerous quality online degree programs that are convenient for those who work full time. The most important aspect in finding an online degree program is to choose an accredited course. The course should be approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Health Information Management.

If you decide to continue your education and earn a bachelor and master’s degree, higher paying positions in the field will be open to you. These include certified professional compliance officer with an average salary of $67,870 and medical health and services manager with a yearly pay of about $98,350. You can expect most online degree programs to last anywhere from 6 months to a full year. It is a relatively short investment of time that will reap dividends when it comes to your earning potential for the rest of your working career.

Written by Samuel Hill