More Seniors Are Getting Their Degree in 2022

If you are a heading into your senior years and you’ve never received your degree, you don’t have to give up on your dream. Whether you want to be more competitive in the job market or you want to earn your degree for personal reasons, there are options available to you. Many convenient and affordable degree programs can be taken online.

Not earning a degree is a common regret that many individuals have. For one reason or another you may not have been able to pursue a degree like you wanted.Sometimes having children or other family responsibilities takes precedence over continuing your schooling. Or perhaps you never had a desire to get a degree but now you see the value of having one. No matter what your reasons, a simple online search can unlock a world of opportunities for you.

Get an Education from Home

Online degrees are the perfect solution for seniors because you can take classes on a more flexible schedule and of course in the comfort of your own home. If you have issues with driving or physical mobility online degree courses will eliminate this issue altogether. There’s no worrying about lengthy commutes or finding a place to park.All you need to do is focus on learning.

The equipment needed for online degree courses is likely something you already have. You need a laptop or computer of course with reliable internet connection. Your computer should have a webcam and audio microphone functionality in case you are in a course that involves class interaction.

Where to Enroll

In the past online degree programs were looked down on as not legitimate or somehow not as reputable as attending college in person. That stigma is long gone now with thousands of well known accredited schools offering online degrees. Many prestigious institutions of higher learning provide a portion of their degrees in an online format. This includes well known schools like Penn State, Texas Tech, USC and the University of Florida. There are a variety of degrees and certificate programs you can choose from. In the past it might have seemed impossible to earn an online degree in nursing, business, accounting, English, web development and film but you can earn degrees in all of those courses of studies and many more online. There are traditional brick and mortar schools offering online degrees and also online-only schools. You can earn bachelor degrees, masters degrees, certificates and even doctorates all online.

As more and more people enter their retirement years, they are choosing to make the most of their time by advancing their education. Recent statistics show that about 10 percent of all online course students are of age 50 and older. Almost three quarters of all traditional colleges and universities have at least one online degree program.

Courses Designed for Seniors

With the high numbers of people over the age of 50 enrolling in courses some educational institutions are designing courses specifically tailored to the needs of seniors. Assistance to seniors in online courses may also include introductory how-to lessons and personal guidance counselors to help seniors navigate their online course.

Don’t think you will be out of place in a college course. College courses in the online world are full of individuals with very diverse backgrounds and many that are returning to school later in life. Your wealth of knowledge and real world experience means you have a lot to offer in an educational setting. There’s no reason to let fear hold you back from achieving your goals.

Paying Your Tuition

If you are already retired and on a limited income, you may be thinking you cannot afford an online degree. The truth is there are many financial aid options available as well scholarship programs and tax credits. If you are still employed your employer may offer to pay a portion of your training.

Get Started

There’s no time like the present to improve your life. Learning is the best way to keep the brain functioning optimally. Studies suggest that actively stretching your intellectual abilities later in life may ward off dementia and other cognitive degeneration that occurs as we age. With so many institutions offering high quality training from the comfort of home, there’s no reason to not try an online degree program today!

Written by Samuel Hill