Job Hunt Frustration? | How To Quickly Find A Great Job

Chances are at some point in your life you’ve had to find a job. Whether that was a summer gig meant to fill time and give you some extra spending money, or it was the next big move in your career, the prospect of getting your foot in the door can be a nerve-wracking or even maddening process. You know what you are worth, why don’t your prospective employers?

If you can relate, perhaps you are even in the midst of this storm currently, then I have excellent news for you. As someone that has walked in those shoes several times throughout my life, I finally cracked the job search code. Here is the process I have used to land a number of excellent opportunities… without the headache.

Take A Realistic Browse

The first step to securing your next job is to take a good look at what is available. Decide on where you are willing to work; are you ready to commute or even move? It’s essential to find opportunities you feel confident in your ability to do well, as that confidence (or lack thereof) will come across in an interview. Worry less about the short term pay and more about the opportunity for growth doing something you enjoy.

Refresh Your Resume

The resume will be the front line for your job search; it’s the first “look” your prospective employer will have. It’s important to realize that most jobs receive dozens, if not hundreds of applicants. Your resume will be compared against many others. Highlight experiences you’ve had that makes you an excellent candidate for the job listing specifically. Create a unique resume for each position that has its own set of desirables.

Cast A Wide Net

Casting a wide net is essential to finding the fish. As mentioned above, your resume will likely be one of many for the same position. Try not to take it personally if you don’t hear back from MOST jobs you apply for. Even the best applicants can slip through the cracks. Look at your job applications as a job in itself, and cast your net wide to maximize your interviews and potential job offers. More is almost always better in this case.

Jump On Every Opportunity

If a prospective employer reaches out to you for an interview, it is best to take it! Even if you don’t love the job or think it’s realistic, practicing your interview skills will hone your craft and allow you to practice articulating your strengths in a pressure environment. Accept that you may botch some of your interviews, it happens to everyone! There will always be more opportunities down the line, and your lessons learned today may be what scores you the chance of a lifetime down the road.

The job search process is, for most people, kind of like taxes. It’s not first on the list of favorites, but in the end, it’s an integral part of moving forward in the world as you chase your dreams. Consistency will carry you through so long as you are genuine in your pursuit to find opportunities that will help you grow in your passions.

Written by Samuel Hill