Interviews Are Tough | A Professional’s Guide To Interviewing

Interviews, like public speaking, are something that pretty much nobody likes doing. The reality is that interviews are not only critical for your career growth, and potentially for paying your rent, but they also leave us vulnerable to be judged by someone who’s opinion we care about. Further, arriving for an interview nervous can be a read flag to potential employers, leaving them wondering why you don’t have the confidence they are likely looking for from their new hire.

Having interviewed myself to dozens of jobs, some successful and others a total failure, I have learned that there are a few strategies that, when used, consistently have me walking in with confidence, nailing the interview, and landing the job. The strategies below will have you feeling confident and ready before you walk in, setting you up for success and, hopefully, a long break before you have to endure one again.

Scout The Location

One of the biggest anxieties I had while interviewing for a new job was as simple as not being able to find it easily. This often-overlooked detail of interviewing can leave you showing up frazzled and stressed out at best, or, even worse, late. To avoid these potential day-ruiners, make sure you scout out the location of your interview ahead of time. Not only does this give you an idea about the potential commute before you commit to sitting down with them, but it also allows you to arrive with as much focus as possible.

Get There Early

Arriving a few minutes early will give you the chance to collect yourself before you walk in. They say first impressions are everything, so showing up hurried or otherwise stressed can be a red flag that you may not be responsible. Use the few extra minutes you have to use the bathroom, go over your resume one last time, or restudy the job description so you feel as prepared as possible.

Be Prepared

Showing up to an interview with a few copies of your resume gives you the appearance of someone that is taking the opportunity seriously and has confidence in their qualifications. Having multiple copies signals that you go above and beyond to make sure you have what you need, which can go a long way with the hiring manager. If the position may require things like a writing sample or copy of past work, having these things on hand can speed up the process and reduce the risk that someone else gets the job while you are out gathering what you need.

Don’t Put Your Eggs In One Basket

Desperation is an ugly scent, and this is especially true with hiring. Come across as too dependent on landing the job, and you may create more questions instead of inspiring confidence. Realize before you sit down for the interview that whether or not you land the job is not the end of the world, and take a bit of the pressure off. You will come across more natural and confident, giving you a better chance of being the one that is hired for the position.

Nailing your next job interview comes down to being prepared. In reality, you can only prepare to an extent, but by doing what you can, you give yourself the best possible opportunity to be presented in a good light. The interview process is not something most people enjoy, but the ones that are best at it are the ones that approach it correctly. Follow these tips, and you will nail your next interview, leaving you to wonder why you ever were so worried in the first place.

Written by Samuel Hill