Beating The House | Insider's Guide To Winning In Las Vegas

It is no secret that the majority of gamblers who flock to the flashing lights of the Vegas Strip every year leave with less money than they are expecting. The electric, never-sleep energy of the many casinos is contagious, the casino floor a mecca for those looking to strike rich and beat the house at their own game. For the select few guests, this dream will become a reality, of which their success stories will stoke the enthusiasm for future guests down the line. The reality is that the hope of finding fortune remains for many, regardless of the number of those that fell short.

Are you planning to test your luck in Vegas? If so, there are some things you should know. We can’t guarantee that following this advice will have you dancing with lady luck, but sticking to these guidelines will undoubtedly go a long way towards improving your odds!

Keep Your Cards At Home

The only feeling worse than losing in the casinos is to leave having blown money you couldn’t afford to lose. Unfortunately, most gamblers tend to chase their losses with the flawed thinking that, “eventually I’ll run into some luck and win it all back.” Going down this road is a slippery slope, as the panic of losing more than you planned can fuel some gamblers into really putting it all on the line. The best way to prevent this is to establish a hard limit to your spending before you get sucked into the intoxicating lights and sounds. Bring only cash and leave your credit cards at home. Use your hotel safe as a makeshift bank for your trip, and withdraw only a portion with you on each trip to the casino floor.

Learn When to Walk Away

Learning when to count your chips and take a break can make the difference between leaving Vegas a winner or a loser. If you find yourself up by a meaningful amount, consider picking up your chips and taking a break. Logic says that if you stay at any one table or machine long enough you will eventually lose, so knowing when to call it, even for just a moment, is a crucial skill. Likewise, if you find yourself losing a few hands in a row, recognize that it may not be your deck! Most players find that their luck comes in streaks, and so knowing how to recognize a losing streak and calling it before bad gets worse is an equally valuable skill.

Play games with the best odds

Most casino games will give the house an advantage. The size of this advantage differs for each game, and so playing the games with the best odds can make a huge difference in your results. In general, the best games are ones that allow you to play against other gamblers as opposed to the house. Poker is extremely popular for this reason, but be sure you know the rules or it might not be such an advantage after all! On the flip side, games that are solely reliant on chance, such as slot machines, are the worst strategy and leave you totally at the casino’s mercy. (or lack thereof!)

Don’t drink too much!

The easiest way to shoot yourself in the foot while gambling in Vegas is to take advantage of the seemingly endless free drinks that are offered. It’s been said that nothing in life is free, and this holds especially true in Vegas! It may feel like you are getting the upper hand by taking advantage of free drinks, but understand that the intoxication that follows will likely mean you end up losing more than the drinks were even worth. If it’s too good to be true in Vegas, it probably is, and the free drinks are no exception.

There you have it, four crucial guidelines you should follow if you want to maximize your odds (and your fun!) while you are gambling in Vegas. Remember that vacation should be enjoyable, and a trip to “The Strip” is no different. Trying your luck at the casinos is an essential part of any Vegas experience and can be fun even if you don’t leave a winner, just don’t let the flashing lights get the best of you and your wallet!

Written by Samuel Hill