30 Awful Christmas Decor Trends

We’re not saying all holiday decorations are awful; we’re not saying they’re all horrible, but some of it has gone too far, and we can’t deny that

Christmas gremlins emerge from their tunnels once a year to deck the halls and destroy everyone’s lives by playing the same five Christmas songs over and again. Seriously, we’re fa la la’d right past Thanksgiving and Halloween to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviors, Santa Clause and the Coca-Cola Bear, as soon as the first leaf falls from a tree. But, aside from the dreadful Christmas music, we must discuss the gaudy Christmas décor trends.

If your house looks like something out of “Christmas Vacation,” we need to talk about what your neighbours think about your lights being up for much too long. Follow a look at this list of cheesy Christmas décor trends before you unpack all of your holiday decorations, and maybe take some of our advise. A tasteful Christmas may make the season even more memorable. Or, if you don’t want to listen to us, hang that cheesy Frosty the Snowman blowup you’ve had since 2008. 

Popcorn Garland

Images via Homesteading

Although stringing popcorn has been a Christmas ritual since 1842, it isn’t particularly cute. Have a little creative time with your kids or grandkids if you wish to string some popcorn and cranberries. Leave the bird food off your Christmas trees, though, or you might find a few ants opening presents on Christmas morning. Use the popcorn for a snack while watching Hallmark movies, but don’t use it to decorate your Christmas trees. The entire notion appears to be a bit wasteful. The finest way to deck the halls isn’t with buttery popcorn strung from a tree.

Colored Christmas Lights

Images via Christmas Lights, Etc

People have been attracted with glittering lights since electricity was introduced. People even travel around their neighbourhoods with their families around the holidays to marvel at everyone’s light show. This is many people’s favourite event of the season, and we have to admit, it’s one of ours as well. However, when it comes to Christmas lights, we’d like to offer some guidance. Don’t decorate your home like the Griswolds did, and don’t use coloured Christmas lights. Our eyes are drawn to gleaming white lights, but cheesy coloured lights lack the same allure. They don’t light up as much at night and just look cheesy!

Big Brand Christmas Decor

Images via Flickr

This awful custom may be distinctively American, but huge companies began intruding into our households on Christmas morning somewhere along the line. While this is a creative technique to keep their logos in our minds during the most private of occasions, it is unquestionably intrusive. Besides, decorating for the holidays with Coca-Cola, Oreo, or Pepsi doesn’t seem like the most sophisticated way to spend the holidays. These special days should be spent with family, not allowing corporate America to barge into your home and force a commercial on you. Leave the Coco-Cola bears in the polar regions.

Written by Samuel Hill