How Your Mattress And A Good Night’s Sleep Impacts Your Health

The quality of your health is largely reliant on the quality of rest you get each night. Scientific evidence proves how getting good rest is also reliant upon the quality of your mattress.

Nearly every U.S. consumer understands how a mattress impacts his or her sleep. Are you aware of how your mattress and a good night’s sleep impacts your health, however?

Various health benefits are associated with different types of mattresses. What types of high-quality mattresses are available in 2021? What are the health benefits of different types of mattresses? Read ahead for an informative guide about how your mattress and a good night’s sleep impacts your health.

How a Good Mattress Equals Good Health

Life is challenging and you need good rest every night to maintain your mental, physical and emotional health. Studies conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed sleep apnea and insomnia both contribute to the onset of high blood pressure and heart disease, which also lead to possible heart attacks and/or strokes. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NIH) additionally details the ways sleep deprivation and deficiency both adversely impact brain function, concentration, stamina, your safety and more.

mattress helps eliminate the affects of irritating allergen buildups in your bedroom. Different types of mattresses work more effectively for different body types and sleep patterns. Choosing the best type of mattress for your needs helps you get better rest, which in turn helps reduce stress. Aches and pains are also significantly reduced by sleeping on a high-quality new mattress. Your mental, physical and emotional functionality are also replenished after a good night’s sleep. Additionally, your self-confidence, quality of work and energy for parenting are boosted when you sleep on a new mattress perfectly suited for your lifestyle and physical needs.

Health Benefits of Innerspring Mattresses

The most commonly purchased type of mattress in the U.S. is the innerspring mattress. Innerspring, also referred to as spring mattresses use spring coils inside the mattress to support your weight. Because the amount of springs are numerous and spread throughout the inside of the mattress, the support provided is capable of accommodating various body weights and sizes. The coils are made of steel but are also padded with softer materials on top to provide added comfort and support. What types of materials are used on the spring coils? Does the amount of coils inside your mattress make a difference for your health? What is the best innerspring mattress on the market in 2021?

Materials used to pad the coils include pillow fabric, memory foam and flexible latex. Coil count is important up to approximately 390 coils. Spending money to go above 390 coils does not necessarily result in additional comfort or support, according to Dr. Arya Shamie, M.D. and Michael J. Breus, Ph.D. Conversely, buying a budget mattress at too low a price might yield not enough coils to provide an actual good night’s sleep. Innerspring mattresses are most beneficial for heavier body types and people with back pain in need of firmer support. They also provide a good night’s sleep for almost any U.S. consumer.

Please note: Each manufacturer constructs its mattresses differently to facilitate specific health benefits. What mattress brand and model is best for you? For example, the GhostBed Flex is best for cooling, the Saatva Classic is best for sinking in and the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE mattress is one of the best overall for all U.S. sleepers in 2021.

Health Benefits of Latex Mattresses

The health benefits of latex mattresses are related to the firm support and notable comfort they provide, even in comparison to other popular mattress types. Latex is made from either synthetic or natural rubber source materials. The support from a latex mattress is spread evenly across your bed. Latex mattress materials also have a supple elasticity to them, making this type of mattress the perfect choice for sleepers who need a firm mattress capable of providing good rest to someone who frequently changes positions during the nights. What is the biggest difference between latex and memory foam mattresses?

Latex mattresses push and bounce back into your body more than memory foam mattresses are able to do. This type of support is excellent for relieving back pain and other physical issues. The GhostBed Classic latex mattress is one of the most comfortable and popular latex mattresses on the market in 2021.

Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are popular due to their unique ability to shape and contour to your match your body. This type of mattress is comprised of foam, which is layered in various densities to allow for maximum contouring flexibility. Memory foam is prone to absorbing body heat, which makes it less beneficial for sleepers who have sensitivity to warmer temperatures. If temperature is not an issue, memory foam mattresses help relieve muscle pain and chronic fatigue alike by adapting to your body weight and positions every time you move. Popular 2021 memory foam mattresses such as the Nectar (best overall) and WinkBeds GravityLux (best for combination sleeping) also help keep you and your partner fully rested by absorbing vibrations throughout each night.

Hybrid & Air Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses such as the Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress use a combination of memory foam and innerspring construction, which allows them to provide support and extreme contoured comfort. High-quality air mattresses utilize chambers filled with air instead of coils, although the air chambers are covered with padded materials similar to the coils in innerspring mattresses. Air mattresses provide health benefits for sleepers with spinal cord injuries because they have adjustable support/tension capabilities.

Written by Samuel Hill