4 Important Changes Coming to Medicare in 2023

There are several problems with the present Medicare system, as the Covid-19 outbreak demonstrates. For instance, during a pandemic, many persons with Covid-19 were unable to obtain prescribed medications, despite the fact that they were registered in Medicare Advantage or other plans that covered prescription prescriptions (so-called Part D).

The majority of the time, this predicament was brought about by a few of the smaller pharmacies and healthcare organizations that were a member of the networks made available by Medicare Advantage and other programs, including Part D. Therefore, the US government made the decision to develop a new set of guidelines for all Medicare plans that include prescription medication coverage.

The supervision of communications and marketing

The US government suggests expanding control over all businesses providing Medicare Advantage and other pain med coverage programs. This idea is in response to multiple complaints from beneficiaries of various Medicare plans alleging misleading and confusing marketing tactics regarding the full range of services and coverage they will get once enrolled.

Among other things, it was suggested using third-party marketing companies to handle the advertisements and marketing campaigns for insurance plans that include prescription pharmaceuticals. Additionally, a variety of translation services must be provided for US legal residents who are located overseas in order to get around any potential language barriers. The criteria for enrollee ID cards will also be upgraded and refreshed.

Increasing Network Adequacy

The US government also wants to develop a clear set of rules to verify that each network has enough suppliers and providers to satisfy all prospective customer needs.
These rules apply to all Medicare Advantage providers and their networks.

These rules were made particularly to ensure that all networks could provide all of their customers with the services they require.

The Medicare Advantage firms will have a full year to be ready and start providing all required services to their patients if they are not currently in compliance with those rules.

D-SNP Operations Will Include All Enrolled Persons

Contacting the consumers directly is one of the best strategies to manage the service quality.
In response, the US government specifically proposed to establish an enrollment advisory group that would compile all consumer comments from those who had just just joined in a new Medicare Advantage Plan.

Simpler Processes for Grievances and Appeals

Up until 2022, every Medicare Advantage participant was required to submit a separate appeal or grievance for every individual aspect of their plan.
This procedure requires a lot of time, particularly when a complaint or appeal has several levels.
The procedure of submitting appeals and grievances would then be streamlined to ensure that all beneficiaries may simply make their statement and engage with Medicare Advantage providers.


As you can see, there is little to distinguish signing up for Medicare in 2023 from 2022. On Hella Health, you may also get a ton of more information on Medicare Original and Medicare Advantage. Whatever the case, keep in mind that Medicare Advantage won’t be required in 2023. However, the whole procedure for getting in touch with Medicare providers, making appeals, and giving feedback will be far more efficient.

Written by Samuel Hill