Broke With Empty Pockets? | Easy Ways To Make Money Fast

There are many reasons people find themselves broke and in need of extra money. Whether it be the holidays, a few too many rounds at the bar last weekend, or saving for a big vacation, having more money to spend is something everyone comes across the desire for at least once in their life. (and usually far more frequently!) The problem for most people begins with the fact that we already work a full schedule! With the commitments of our primary income source, along with the hobbies and activities that keep us happy and healthy, there often isn’t enough predictable and structured time in our schedules to pick up a second job somewhere.

Luckily, the age of the internet has opened a whole new set of opportunities for those looking to make some extra cash on the side. As someone with a history full of entrepreneurial tendencies, I can honestly say I’ve tried all sorts of ways to scrape some extra funds. Here are the best strategies I’ve found to bring in additional income on the side without the commitment of a second job. Pick one or two from the list below and give it a shot. I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Garage Sale Hunting

Made famous by marketing mogul Gary Vaynerchuck, garage sale hunting is an excellent way to make extra cash. The power of the internet allows anyone with a smartphone to quickly look up the resale value on pretty much anything they see. Gary V has an excellent YouTube series (which he also monetizes for money!) that follows him as he bounces around garage sales, scooping up everything from hot wheels collections to old stuffed animals. As he rides off in the back of his Escalade, his assistants are sitting in the back posting the items and delivering the good news that he will make hundreds or thousands of dollars on resale. Obviously if you know Gary V you know that he doesn’t need the money, but he’s trying to make you realize just how easy it is. Some apps even enable you to do so by scanning the UPC. Luckily, most garage sale organizers are more interested in getting rid of the things they perceive as junk to realize they are selling some of their stuff for far cheaper than it’s worth! Buy low, and (re)sell high; it’s the oldest trick in the book!

Retail Arbitrage

Have you ever walked into a smaller, local business and seen a deal that made your jaw drop? Often it’s these “little guys” that slash prices the most, not the big chain stores. Make a habit of jumping on closeout sales at your local mom and pop stores; they often sell their inventory at a loss to free up money for other orders. These items can be resold on sites like eBay and Amazon for closer to their original price, allowing you to rake in a healthy profit!

Clean Your Garage

Chances are you have a lot of stuff you don’t use much. It’s the American way, after all! By liquidating the things you no longer need, you avoid them collecting dust and losing additional value. A weekend activity as easy as cleaning out your garage can bring hundreds of dollars your way, if not more. Use apps like Offerup to sell locally and save the hassle of shipping! One tip with Offerup, especially if you have a large pile of stuff to sell, is that you should never turn down a willing buyer. The unfortunate fact is that a relatively high number of “committed” buyers will fall through before you ever see cash in hand, so keep your options open! If you had someone lined up for three days from now, and you happen to get a second offer from someone that can come later that day, take the money and run!

Create Content Online And Profit

Do you have any hobbies? Anything you are interested in that you could talk about forever without much additional research that other people might be looking for information about online? Create content and watch your bank account grow! Platforms like YouTube and Google Adsense allow you to make money off of your content, which you can post for very little money!

These are just a few ways I’ve had success making money without having to commit to a second job. The beauty of the internet is that there are countless ways to bring in extra money without having to overbook your schedule. Commit yourself to one or two strategies and give them a shot, you’ll be happy you did!

Written by Samuel Hill