Unsold Dodge Ram Inventory Causing Prices to Drop

Dodge Ram trucks have long been respected for their toughness and endurance that enables them to take on heavy-duty work. If you are on the lookout for a new pickup truck, there are many reasons why you should pick a new Ram truck, most notably because most dealerships have been stuck with leftover inventory from last year.

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Main characteristics of the different Ram Models

Here you have some important characteristics to bear in mind when choosing the perfect Ram truck:

Ram 1500

The 1500 is an outstanding overall vehicle that has a lot of special characteristics and is still accessible enough so that it is easy to drive for someone who is new to vehicles:

  • Excellent technology: Decades ago the pickup truck was made for one thing: utility. Now, the pickup truck is at home in the suburbs as well as the farm. The Ram’s technology not only allows you to remain connected but also makes the truck easier to drive. Important standout features to point out are adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, trailer recognition, parking sensors, blind-spot tracking, automatic emergency braking, adaptive air suspension, automatic side step, automatic load leveling, USB fast charging, and heated ventilated seats.
  • Top-of-the-line interior: The interior of the 1500 uses luxury materials. Throughout the cabin it is clear that Ram is paying attention to details. All seats are spacious and there is plenty of legroom.
  • Great user interface: The 1500 has a larger 12-inch tablet-like touchscreen. The operating system is called “Uconnect” and it is considered one of the most user-friendly infotainment systems on the market.
  • Horsepower: One of the great perks of the Ram 1500 is that it is a mild hybrid. It is available with both the V6 and V8 engines. By replacing the alternator with a 48-volt electrical system for the 12-volt battery, the Ram “eTorque” system improves the power and fuel economy of the truck.

Ram 2500

For the 2020 model, you can pick among a wide variety of colors which include two new ones: Hydro Blue and Olive Green. However, the most popular continues to be the Night Edition. Consider a Ram 2500 if you are in the market for:

  • Powerful Engine: For the Ram 2500, the standard engine is a 6.4-liter HEMI V8 which delivers an incredible 410 hp and 429 pound-feet of torque. You can improve it to a 6.7-liter I6 Cummins Turbo-diesel engine which has 870 pound-feet of torque and 370 hp. The decrease in hp should not disappoint given the vast amount of power in towing capability.
  • Hauling Capabilities: The 2020 Ram 2500 is one the best trucks for hauling. For those who need some considerable hauling capacity, the 2500 will transport up to 4,010 pounds of weight.
  • Off-Road Performance: Off-road skills are another reason why trucks are loved by their owners. The 2020 Ram 2500 does not disappoint. It has a very high ground clearance for rough terrain. All trim levels offer 4X4. To help push the truck over rugged areas, the engine delivers huge amounts of torque.
  • Striking Exterior Design: There is an attractive exterior configuration for the Ram 2500. Based on the trim style you select, there are several variations in the grill styles. You can even pick an emblem to be painted in the middle. Overall, the Ram 2500 is the perfect mix of strong horsepower and a luxury sedan.

Ram 3500

The Ram 3500 is the largest, hardest and most powerful Ram truck. When it comes to towing and hauling, this beast provides incredible output. It is a sturdy and durable vehicle suitable for daily travel or heavy-duty jobs. You need a Ram 3500 if you are looking for:

  • Engine Performance: The Ram 3500 two engine options. You can choose a Hemi 5.7-liter V-8 engine, or a turbo-diesel 6.7-liter engine. The V-8 produces 383 hp and 400 pounds-feet of torque while the turbo-diesel produces 385 hp and as much as 930 pounds-feet.
  • Hauling Ability: The Ram 3500 can tow enormous loads of weight, but it can also hold plenty of load in the cargo area. The basic gasoline engine can haul about 7,350 pounds and the diesel high output version can pull an impressive 35,100 pounds.
  • Infotainment System: This model also has a great infotainment center. You can change the command console into your mobile computer using the networking capabilities. When commuting to your next workplace, you can make and take phone calls hands-free. It also has 8-inch screen.
  • High-Tech Safety Features: The Ram 3500 is a very safe vehicle as it is designed like a tank. It comes with a complete front and side airbags. Side airbags are available in a rear seat crew-cab configuration as well. Backup cameras come standard.

Written by Samuel Hill